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Pants Down


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Is there a Like button? I like your piece. Well I'm a little worried that these guys are gone! Thanks Janet?




Dr. Bob:

Like the NYT article which misstated what Easter celebrated.

Or how one of the media giants when the CEO of JC Penney was fired, printed the picture of Ron Johnson the Senator from Wisconsin instead of Ron Johnson the CEO of JCP.

Or the complete ignorance of the Gosnell mass murder trial.

and NPR making a case that the Boston bombers were probably conservative tax protesters.

I think their fact checkers are more properly called lie justifiers.


On another note:

April 19, 1776, a group of citizens face off across a bridge in the town of Lexington - against several companies of the biggest military power in the world.

April 19, 2013, entire towns and the city of Boston ARE LOCKED down because of ONE man.

We certainly have made PROGRESS, haven't we?


The British on that day had 3-4 objectives (and I'm too lazy to look them all up), but I know one of them was to get their guns! Yup!


Whack-jobs don't all wear red coats & march shoulder-to-shoulder in columns 50+ wide & 3+ deep. Populations weren't so dense & so disconnected. George Washington wasn't trying to disarm his own freaking militia (i.e., "the people").

Barry's glum address was nice. No crocodile tears. No faux evangelical indignation. No calls for banning assault cookware. No calls to restrict pot capacity to 5 cups. No mention of the terrorists' malicious intent. No mention of what "wing" they were. I turned the TV off before he could call for "restraint," "understanding," or caution against "a rush to judgment." (How many of those 3 did he hit?)


You missed the best part towards the end T, when Dear Leader said:

"That American spirit includes staying true to the unity and diversity that makes us strong."

Unity & Diversity?

Let's see: Victory is defeat! Strength is weakness! Knowledge is ignorance.

Why do I get the feeling, somewhere, George Orwell is laughing his ass off?


I'm not surprised, & it saddens me.


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