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Attitude Adjustment


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And if this doesn't improve morale, we'll start shooting every third conservative until everyone gets a smile back on their face!


Kick a shiftless elephant all you want. You won't make it move--& when it decides to move, it probably won't be in the direction you intended.

Dr. Bob:

T -

Right, and kicking might be a bit more effective if you kicked it in the head instead of the ass.

Some of us would want to kick ass, but not the elephant's.


A little Rant Here...

I would at least like to see some conservatives get a chance at this thing! Just a chance?

Note to Carl Rove, John Boehner, John McCain (God Bless You),Lindsey Graham (a complete idiot), Dick Morris, Nelson Warfield, The Bushes and Carl Rove again, Mitt Romney and Spencer Zwick, Carl Rove again, Bob Dole (God Bless Him), not to mention Dennis Hastert (who was a complete disaster),...and a slew of others!

It's time to quit and give someone else a chance! At least give conservatives a voice and to stop being liberal light.

I hope that elephant get's a complete beating!

There I vented and feel better!

John Cox:

Hey Cowboy

While I agree that the leadership you listed is highly suspect, nothing can trump social ennui that keeps conservatives acting like numb and defeated trust babies. We've got to face the fact there's nothing sexy about being the designated wet rag. It's the party of dour faces and humorless talk. The closest the party can get to enlivening a crowd is bellowing about how shitty things are and the impending doom of OUR VALUES.

That elephant is bored to death and considers the kicking a kind of massage.


Nailed it John. Hard to be the adult in the room, when the other guy goes around like Santa Claus, spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

No disrespect intended to the sailors who EARNED their money.


JC and GF:

Dr. Bob:

Gentlemen -

That's what I was getting at with the kicking in the head instead of the arse.

A fish rots from its head. The old hangers-on needs to move on and quit sabotaging every new, fresh voice in the party. Shut up and let somebody else drive.


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