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and now a word from Dr. Seuse...


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Unless you're a progressive president, who likes to present a blank canvas that lets others project on and see what THEY want.


How are you guys all weathering the storm? It's difficult to explain going through a suicide attack until you've been there -- then you can't explain it at all.



His least well-known book: The Seven Lady Godivas.

I've seen a copy, once.



Thank you for the kind sentiment.

I hope this doesn't sound insensitive for me to say, but it's hard for me to identify with the people who actually experienced it. The "tragedies" in my life have been private. No media coverage. Only family & friends. The world didn't even blink.

I know grief & I know loss; however, I know nothing like that. So far, I've always been too far away to feel absorbed in it (additionally, my natural coping mechanism seems to be shock/disattachment) , & the few instances of armed aggression I have been party to were criminal in nature--& fleeting. To this point, I'm more angered by my dysfunctional [on things that matter] government.

It is very, very different from living in a country (Israel, Judea) where, since the beginning of history, its inhabitants have always been there (except when expelled)--Now occupied by people who falsely claim an ethnicity that disappeared off the face of the earth more than 2000 years ago--Surrounded by 5 hostile countries (with more behind them) who support the interlopers & want to wipe you off the face of the earth.

I read what little I could find about you some time ago. You seem so jubilant, & your home is in the thick of it all the time. It saddens me to say it, but I don't think my faith is that strong.

תתפלל בשבילי


Dr. Bob:


I live in a rural farming area so we don't have a concentration of people in one place that a Boston type of incident can happen here. We're more concerned about the school shooting type of terrorism, because all if takes is on deranged kid who can get his mitts on a gun. That's the more likely scenario for us.

I think after 9/11 many of us are more vigilant and aware of our surroundings than before. Many of us now think about possible scenarios and what we would do if something were to happen. Every time I get on an airplane, I look for suspicious persons and behavior.

It's not just terror, but also the increase in violent crime and society's escalating violence in general that motivates this.

We still haven't fixed our "security theatrics" of the TSA where they go through the motions to give the illusion of safety.

I have never liked being in crowds and I definitely stay away from them, particularly in large cities.

The question I have with the Boston situation and how it was handled is the lock down of the city.

Did the lock down magnify the effect of the incident and encourage future terror events

What would Israel have done?

Dr. Bob:

T -

Well said. I agree entirely.

Yo -

Peace to you and yours.


I'm really moved by your comments and your thoughts and read them all yesterday, and I've been trying to put together a response without much success.

I don't know Terwilliger if it's so much faith as it is stubbornness. Dr. Bob I don't like crowds either, and I too am concerned about the increase in violent crime and I think there is a relationship to these mass murder attacks.

May we all know what real peace is.


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