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Say What?


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John Cox:



"Take me to your Goofy."

Tom Wms.:

T a k e - m e - t o - W a l t !


Hmmm....we never pictured the year 2525 like this!

Ed B:

Shouldn't you be off to work or something?


"What's up Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, & the Odocoileus virginianus formerly known as Prince?"

T again:

"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!"


I am here to study the cultural significance and psychology of multi partner cohabitation in isolated communities...


Hi ho, good Doc, Dopey, and Sneezy. I have come back in time five thousand years for you! No, not to save Snow White. Not Bambi's mother either. Sorry, Bambi, I feel your pain.

Actually, I'm filming the 153rd remake of your stories. It's going to be definitive, real, dark, and gritty, and reoriented to my own politics. What do you say?

Doc Al:

For some reason, I cannot comment on the Automotive Report from 2 days ago but I believe that's my stolen 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham in the picture. I'm sending the cartoon police to recover it.

John Cox:


Sometimes my methods are a bit extreme. Consider this a sacrifice on the Altar of Bloggy Entertainment.


I Marklared too close to the Marklar and completely Marklared my Marklars; that Marklared my Marklar un-Marklarable, so I have no Marklar to get back to Marklar. Do you know any good Marklars who can Marklar my Marklar? If you don't, I'm up Marklar Marklar without a Marklar.

Yo Menashe:



Sandor at the Zoo:

Who is the fairest of them all?


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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