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What bothers me is not that women can seemingly read our minds, but that they expect us men to be able to read theirs (like when they get upset that we don't know why they're upset).


Since men are primarily interested in food and sex, it's easy to see how they can 'read' our minds.


If it seems like a woman can read your mind, it's either because you're not listening to what she's saying, you're not particularly thoughtful, or you're prone to using implausible lies to cover up things that aren't wrong (but if you do them, she gets mad because you dared to enjoy life for a few hours without her & she didn't have the opportunity to ruin it for you)...

... & it doesn't count as mind-reading if she accuses you of everything under the sun & one of her accusations happens to be right.

BTW--clever 'toon. My first thought--since you can't see beneath their waists--was, "She's actually blind, but she can read the braille on his butt."


Hey! If she can read my mind, why isn't she in the kitchen fixing my potpie and my toaster pastry chocolate mix butter bar?


She reminds me of Peppermint Patty's friend, Marcie.

Ed B:

Hey Toots, my eyes are down here.


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