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Illustration Friday Theme:TEACHER


Check out the other entertaining, instructive illustrations over at Illustration Friday.

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Dr. Bob:

Now, to recover from this recession Keynesians believe government should spend to jumpstart the economy through the public sector. The Austrian school believes government should cut taxes, allowing businesses and individuals to buy things, spurring the private sector. And Krugman, he's just a pure clusterf*ck. That's where we're at. Got it?


Well, the first thing I thought was: This looks like a kid daring to speak against the devil, who is trying his best to mislead the kid. Then I thought of Paul Simon's "Loves Me Like a Rock" & the kid was asking the devil, "Who are you trying to kid?" That led to this:

If I could meet the president
The minute he called the Congress names
I'd say "Now who do... Who do you think you're foolin'?"
I've got these fundamental rights
Protected by the Con---stitution
You're not above me
Don't shove me
You're no more than the equal of me
Just like two sheep in a flock
It's truth that rings across the ages
Not above me...

Not the king of me...


That reminds me of Kodachrome:

When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school
It's a wonder I can think at all


Yes, I smashed that fly, and... and you've made me rethink the wisdom of doing that now, if that helps, but let's just say that the rule is if something can talk, you shouldn't kill it. I don't suppose you speak English, though, do you? Sounds a bit like buzzing to you, I suppose.


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