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"Upon Further Reflection"


I've been enjoying doing small watercolor studies of a group of abstract work that might look wonderful done very large in multi-media fashion. A little p-shop, BANG, a large canvas hanging in a modest den.

Boy, what I would do with a roomy studio that could handle six-foot, eight-foot canvases! I still have faith in my attempts at exploring less literal, more poetic themes that fit in a living space.

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I like it. And the neat thing is, if you get tired of it, hang it "upside down". A whole new painting perspective! :)

John Cox:


Ypu're absolutely right. It's a bit sobering to work on a piece from a consistent perspective only to realize it looks better when it's flipped. An unintentional improvement makes me remember how intuitive abstract truly is.

Doc Al:

Years ago, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC hung one of Matisse's paintings upside down in the exhibit hall. Nobody noticed it for months.

Doc Al:

Maybe your next painting could be a big red arrow with the words "This Side Up".

Steve M:

Interesting painting. I'm very curious about your choice of room to show this-what the heck is going on in this room-a giant black vent, an odd chair that seems to be meant for torture or an adult game...maybe I've seen too much David Lynch.

John Cox:


I picked a bland room to showcase the "painting".

Putting it in a well-appointed living space would put too much emphasis on the surroundings, as if the nearby furnishings and art on the walls made my piece legitimate.

I'm thinking that if the painting ADDS interest to a room, it's doing the job.

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