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Say What?


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"For the record, I'd like to note that I did a 5 Forces analysis & recommended we diversify into vinegar & manure."

"First things first. Everybody pitch in fifty bucks for flowers & we send our condolences to the Moore family."

"Az fuh dis UCSF 'study' bidness, howsabout weez let d' mockiting dipotmint take a breethuh, I makes a few cawuls, an' we seez whut dey tinks about a plaig... uh three."


And now I'd like to hear from our marketing people about their recent "Got Flies?" ad campaign.

Dr. Bob:

Henderson! I'm send you to rehab - you're buzzed out on high fructose corn syrup again!


It's going to take a whole lot more than a clever acronym like Stinky-Under-Garment-A__-Remnants to make Romney palatable.


"You should have known that focusing on the gnat demographic would inflate early sales, but ultimately backfire. Their eyes are always bigger than their stomachs."

OK concept, "A" - but a big WHIFF trying to force it to politics.

Dr. Bob:

There's a true story for which this drawing sort of applies.

Crystal Sugar Coop has had a strike by its union and the coop locked the union out and hired replacement workers.

Their profit chart looks a lot like the one in the drawing.


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