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Self Help Book Cover Illustration Idea


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Two random thoughts:

The cover sheet of the marketing proposal for Obama's "Perpetual Unemployment Benefits" plan?

"...and just where am I supposed to get the money to pay for it?" - Washington Bleep on-line

John Cox:

Neat. I like the idea that Obama could see this with no irony.


Today, as part of Barry's re-election campaign, they started putting up posters, celebrating "The NEW Normal Economy".

The title of the first poster is "Kicked back, laid back, rested and unstressed!"

Conservatives responded that a more apt caption would be; "Honey, I'm back from paying the mortgager, but next month I may be arrested on the way home."


GAWDD! This mortgage thing today just made me so mad I got out of control...

On the other side...sorry I haven't been around much, but I'm earning money to pay peoples mortgages.

Off to Romania on Saturday. Everybody tells me it's great (as far as Eastern Eur goes), and as long as they don't impale me on a stick than I'll be fine. Also, maybe I'll bring me home a mail-order bride... LOL.

Dr. Bob:

Yes, the mortgage deal really sucks - there were are LOT of felonies that you and I would have been sent to prison for if we had done them and these banksters get away with it because the prosecutors don't have the balls to do their jobs - of course the US attorney general is totally absent from the prosecution - he does have ties to the banking industry.

The dirty secret is that the Federal Reserve and the Office of Comptroller of the Currency didn't want them prosecuted because it may destabilize the economy.

I want them prosecuted under the RICO statutes and them spending hard time in an ordinary prison.

Is that too damn much to ask???

Back to the drawing, I've been sick for about a month and have been working from home as I get better. The art doesn't show what I looked like while doing it, just sayin'.


Of course federal prosecutors settled. Barry's still BANKING on them to come through.

After all, it is an election year.

Priorities ya know.

John Cox:

Hey Dr Bob

Hope you're feeling better. 5 words: Captain Crunch and Hogan's Heroes.

Dr. Bob:

Thanks, John.

Just a nasty cold followed up some respiratory issues. I wasn't all that sick the last two weeks, but nobody wanted me back in the office and most of the work I could do from home, so that's what went down.

I match the Cap'n Crunch and "I zee notting" with lots of hot chocolate.


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