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Abstractions: An Exploration


These are small watercolor studies I'd like to turn into much larger canvases (6 to 8 foot range) for a show. I've had a love affair with line and texture in all my work, so I thought it could be liberating to do some studies that zero in on that very thing.

Don't worry, I loves me the figurative work, too.

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Dr. Bob:

Nice work, all of them.

That would be huge effort to do 6 by 8 pieces of those.

You'd probably have to do them in your garage - hehehe

A question - when you take a small piece and attempt to enlarge it to that huge size, how do you handle details? Do you zoom in more and provide more detail in the larger piece?

John Cox:


Good question.

When I consider the smaller piece a direction, a general idea for the overall feel, I'm confident that the larger piece will be an improvement. I'll make bolder decisions in the larger piece and will be able to weigh the aesthetic justifications EASIER in the larger piece.

I'm not trying to COPY the watercolor study, I'm trying to IMPROVE it; make it tighter with clearer impact.

And, of course, the enlarged scale makes for an intense visual experience that the smaller cannot attain.

Yo Menashe:

Little Piet Mondrian influence? He's one of my favorites after George Braques; but my first choice is Wassily Kandinsky.

I really like your serious stuff -- but you play in a very wide (and wild) field, and that's what makes your artwork, and this site, so fun and wonderful.



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