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and now a word from The Dude...


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Don't know the reference, but that HAS to be Bridges. Lemme Scroogle it...

Oh yeah. The Big Lebowski. I've tried to watch it a couple times on TV, but lost interest during the "rug" bit.

Now I'm thinking about what "True Grit" would have been like with "The Dude"...

... never mind--he was kinda sorta reprised by Damon...

... which is typecasting... & sometimes, typecasting is spot on.

Cool rendering--would make a great t-shirt.

John Cox:


Thanks for nice word.

"The Big Lebowski" is one of those Coen brothers movies that have to be seen a couple of times to gain the nuances of their humor. I readily admit that I didn't truly enjoy this one until the second time I saw it.

And yes, I think this would make a neat t-shirt, particularly on a night out at a dive.

Doc Al:

"A night out at a dive" I have the perfect place in mind..............


The Big Lebowski hooked me when the guy holds up the bowling ball and says "What the %$#^ is this?" The Dude says - "Obviously you're not a golfer." That is my kind of humor.

Ed B:

The Dude single-handedly made drinking White Russians cool. Loved the movie, hated the drink.

Randall Marze:

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