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Planet of The Oops


A sweeping hat tip to Terwiliger for this inspiring suggestion. Hopefully he can abide with the liberties (HAH!) I took with his initial idea.

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- My ass!


Not The One's fault! HE commits no error! HE knows all! HE is the Smartest Man in the World! HE is The Obamassiah! (Genuflect here)

The sad part is that at least 29% of the population actually BELIEVE this crap!




While the tone is a little bit different than what I had in mind, I like this even better. It's more somber, & it communicates the same idea without mixing "movie metaphors."

Barry on a donkey--the antithesis of Taylor riding his party/idiology (intentional sic)--in turn riding America & the ideals it once stood for into the ground... it's so obvious, but that part/variation didn't even occur to me.

Well done. Very well done indeed.

John Cox:

Thanks for the good word. Every once in awhile it's fun to take on a toon from a different source.

Your input worked our nicely. Thanks.

Dr. Bob:

Don't need apes... we're doing just fine al by ourselves.


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