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News Flash! Obama's Illinois legislative and Harvard Law records have been found! Unfortunately, they've been sealed by court order for the next 100 years.


Dear Lord! I just made an unauthorized copy in my brain.


Funny. You should see the place next door. It has a big marquis over the entrance that reads "THE ILLITERATES' CLUB."

Larry the Dial-Up Guy:

And next door to that is the Islamofascist Peace Center.


Being a product of a failing public education system and unable to read, little Johnny looked at the sign before him not realizing that he was obeying its command.


It's not a 'failing' institution. It's doing exactly what it's supposed to do. INDOCTRINATE!

That way the liberal "elite" can rule with ease, tell you what to think and who to vote for. Life will be so easy then. All decisions will be made for you!

Your welcome!

Dr. Bob:

Very curious, a sign placed in public to not be read.

Either that or that's an Orwellian government which is trying to arrest everyone for doing something impossible to avoid.

"Do not think about green elephants".

There, now I've done it. Y'all will think about green elephants, very possibly tonight in your dreams.


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