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The Democrats have introduced new "Label Legislation". On the bright side, cops will now find it easier to capture "Rapists" and "Murderers", leaving "normal" people alone.

Tom Wms.:

Wandering (and wondering) souls in the Land of the Lost.

Ed B:

It became necessary to establish a new circle in Hell specifically to punish those who falsified their on-line dating profiles.

John Cox:


This one had an existential vibe to it that made me laugh. Kind of sums up the contemporary obsession with self.

Dr. Bob:


That's pretty much what I thought, too.


I also think we're looking at charter members of the TMI club.

Your piece does make one think about all the lonely and wounded people we run into every day that are hurting inside, sometimes devastingly so, yet they dare not share that with anyone, nor are we open to such sharing.


Ditto Dr. Bob's last comment.

As much as I enjoy ripping on misguided elitist dopes, I also think the world would be a MUCH better place if there was more grace & empathy in the world...

...but as long as there are duplicitous subversives, I'll keep on ripping.

Ditto John's comment, too.

Too many people obsessed with with "I" & personal issues when their focus would be better directed towards character development & relatedness issues.


Good one. On the other hand, the signs will be irrelevant when Newspeak becomes the official national language & Congress declares that 2 + 2 = 5.

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