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and now a word from Muammar Gadhafi...


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Kevin The Zeroth:

... which is not such a bad thing when that nationalism is defined by the likes of Herr Gadhafi. Time to build a better nation they can be proud of.


Hope we get a better opportunity here than they do.

The infallible leader is always in the failure mode.


I say we put our Daffy in a ring with their Daffy and let 'em sort it out.

Dr. Bob:

Gad kind of reminds me of Charlie Sheen, except Gad isn't

I'm sure the similarity to Mr. Hitler (uniform and mustache) are intentional.

What the heck, maybe this caricature will get in the rebels' hands.


I still think he looks like Sammy Hagar. I wonder if the aliens gave him an anal probe & damaged his brain, too.

Rattling great visual appeal on this web site , I'd rate it 10 10.

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