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How do you abhor a WHOLE GENRE of music?

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John Cox:

I think this quote should be on a 20 ft. X 30 ft. bronze plaque above the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entrance in Cleveland. This soulless snobbery is why the music exists in the first place.


Frank should have stayed around, he'd have loved Hip-hop and Rap.

John Cox:


So I do a little research and discover this quote is from an editorial he wrote in...wait for it...1957.

He was carping about Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Bill Haley and the Comets. Think about that.


GF beat me to the statement! But, I will say that this is somewhat generational.

With that said, I will also say that rip-rap and hip-hop is a lot different than Elvis moving his hips or than Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper singing Peggy Sue. However, they were hated big time!

Should I view these guys different? I say yes! The Rappers language is just over the top!

This is a good discussion! I'm a teenager of the 70s (bell bottoms dragging on the ground; my parents hated that)but now have 3 "best of" Sinatra CDs.

I threw a lot of stuff out here, and I know that I'm rambling again? Comments?

John Cox:


This IS a fun topic. I have admit, my opinion of Sinatra's legacy has been tinted to a pissy yellow based on this quote.

He does recant much later in his career, but this premature diatribe (read the article) is virtually unforgiveable.

John Cox:

October, '57 in the London Daily Sketch.

You may now Google.


"He was carping about Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Bill Haley and the Comets. Think about that."

Yeah, generational gap. I can remember being told that I was NOT getting sideburns or piling my hair up in a pompadour.

But Buddy Holly did make wearing glasses okay!

Gotta face it. Our music was "evil"! Especially when listened to in the back seat of a car!


LOMAOOTF GF admitted to having a pompadour! I'll store that one! LOL!

Dr. Bob:

Hey GF and Cowboy:

I was thinking the same thing.

On the other hand, I suspect some of the classical composers who preceded Mr. Sinatra probably would have said similar things about Frank's music.

I also suspect Frank probably wasn't too thrilled with ABBA.

The Situation:

Hey - you'se guys - don't be dissin' my Jersey boi Sinatra. Guido and Vinnie are gonna come down there and bust yo knee caps, know what I mean?

Tom Wms.:

I am probably way too biased to weigh in on this, but what the hell. I liked Rock n Roll in the early days. I also liked big band, jazz, folk music, some country, and show tunes None of that has changed.

However, being someone who sings tenor in a choral group whose focus is primarily classical, I'm not much of a fan of hard rock, hip hop, rap, etc. That's where the bias comes in. I probably need to develop some tolerance.


I've always thought Sinatra was grossly overrated. He had one heck of an orchestra backing him up, but he was often off pitch & lagging behind the beat. A lot of Sinatra "fans" mistook his lack of enthusiasm (lemme git awuf uh dis stage so's I kin git to da pahty) for improvisational genius.

My favorite observation on Sinatra came from Jackie Mason:

"Ask 100 musicians who the greatest singer of all time is. You know what they'll say? 97 out of 100 musicians will tell you that Frank Sinatra is WITHOUT A DOUBT the greatest singer of all time: And you know why? They know if they don't, they'll be killed."

There are a lot of cats who came up the same time that Sinatra did who could eat his lunch. They just weren't from the "right" (mob) neighborhood.

I also know that can't be "The Situation." My friend (who seems to like torturing me with the drivel that's on TV) made me watch a DVR of the Trump roast. I know for a fact "The Sitch" can't write--& on top of that, he's not from New Jersey--he's a transplanted New York mook.


"Rap music" is an oxymoron.

The Situation:

Who u callin' a mook?


I love Sinatra, just for that whole era he represented. Sinatra was it. Sinatra was cool. But as a singer, Tony Bennett is the man. Sinatra might have invented it, but Tony Bennett put the "oo" in "cool."


Is there any way to get a print of this? Or could I put it on a T-shirt? As a rock-n-roll guitarist for over 30 years, I'd love the irony of having this on my wall or wearing a shirt like this to a gig!

John Cox:


You can contact me at me email address in the "About" info. We can work something out.

Hey Gang

I want to be clear on one thing: I don't have a problem with Sinatra disliking rock; I have a problem with trashing a relatively new genre of music wihout giving it a chance. It was *&^%& 1957!

Your layout for your blog is nice, im trying to write my own blog any tips?

"How do you abhor a WHOLE GENRE of music?"

Well, the only music that I really dislike is punk music, because it is a vulgar form of rock n' roll. Other than that, most music is okay, as long as it has a good melody & lyrics.



You can change the name of a rose, but you can't do nothin' about the smell.


Ditto. If Tony Bennett had Frank's orchestra behind him, we'd all be saying, "Frank WHO?"


I don't have a problem with anybody liking or disliking anything. However, sometimes I see things that are so horrible, I don't get how there is an audience of 1, much less a market for it. (ex.; BH0--average approval rating for January, 50%; How bad does a politician have to muck up before people see it?)


I agree about punk, but if the music is good, I don't need to hear vocals. I agree with GF about rap. I'd also add techno, emo, grindcore, neo faux metal, teeny pop, hair pop-rock...

...I could make a pretty long list, & I'd also be pretty comfortable in saying that I dislike more of just about any genre of music than I like (& I'd also have to admit that I like some music that isn't very good).

Apologies to TOM WMS, but I never acquired an ear for classical voice. I've sung some of that music over the years as part of a vocal ensemble (I've become a baritone with a narrow range, but I could sing tenor, bass, & falsetto when I was younger), but it's too stiff for me. I just don't seem to be able to connect with it.

Tom Wms:

No apologies needed, T. That's why we have different genres. As to the voice thing, I switched from bass to tenor (1st tenor) about nine years ago and I'll be 65 in a couple of months. Age hasn't seemed to take its toll yet.


Can you imagine Sinatra strapped to Hendrix's Marshall stack right about now?

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