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Say What?


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"'What do now, Kemo Sabe? What do now?'!
Well, once the shooting stops, Tonto,
we are getting the hell out of Detroit!"

Ed B:

While I've got you here Tonto, is there any truth to the rumor that "Kemo Sabe" actually translates to "Meathead"?

Steve M:

"Tonto-I've decided to take the "Lone' a bit more literally..."

John Cox:


"My advice to you, son: it's better to be an in-law than an out-law."


So Tonto, what did you think of "Brokeback Mountain"?


It's ok Tonto. Just tell those hombres we're here to buy drugs.


So, Tonto, whose bright idea was it to name you the Spanish word for "idiot"?


Okaaaay! 30 seconds to the commercial break. Next scene will show us riding off as the announcer says "Having safely escaped the ambush...."


Settle down my Indian friend! Once they start to re-load I'll stand up, shoot at the rocks above their head causing a slide and then the Orchestra will strike up The William Tell Overture.

Tom Wms.:

There is an old joke that has the Lone Ranger and Tonto trapped. The Lone Ranger sends Tonto for help. When Tonto returns with two women on his arms, the Lone Ranger yells, "I SAID POSSE!"

Tom Wms.:

Ho, hum. They won't hit us, Tonto. The scrip for next week is already done. I'm taking a nap.


You ask me one more time "What would Gene Autry or Roy Rodgers do?" - I'm gonna smack you right upside the head!"


I love this one.

Tom Wms: I thought of the same joke!

GF: love your last comment!

John Cox: If you get tired of the "Kaping" stuff, you wouldn't have made it drawing for Batman. LOL.


"You & your freaking 'green transportation'--Pat Brady & Roy Rogers tore out of here in Nellybelle, & the banditos shot Silver & Scout right out from underneath us."


"Okay Dear, you made your point! From now on, we'll remember to put the toilet seat DOWN! Happy now?"


"At $35 an ounce, hell if I'm gonna shoot silver bullets at 'em."

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Tater Salad:

"Awww, hayull... It's th' danged Kehoe brothers uhgiyun..."


"Th' way them's iz goin' throo ammanishun, Ida thunk it wuz SEO Marketing Services."

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"Dang it! Daddy, they jus' won't give up!""

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