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Robert Gibbs, the President Obama's Press Secretary and All Around Cleaner-Upper for the last three years, is stepping down soon. He announced his departure in January and now his tenure as the mouthpiece for the White House is coming to a close.

Major doff of the cap to my good friend and drinking buddy, Bill Andrew, who tossed off this idea while knocking back a cold one. Good on ya, sir.

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Why do so many cartoons about this administration remind me of Sisyphus?

This one is the ultimate:

A "progressive" dung beetle is sentenced to an eternity of trying to push a giant turd ball to the "pinnacle" of societal acceptance, only to see the masses reject it & send it hurtling back to the trash-bin of history.

Absolutely fantastic, John & Bill.

lol T, that would make a hilarious punishment.


Poor Baghdad Bobby Gibbs, gets no respect. Or as my brother refers to him, "Barry's turd polisher".

John Cox:


The Sisyphus allusion was definitely a subtext. that's why the ground is not flat, but looks like a mountain side.

Your comment was a neat riff on the idea.


This is so dead on! Thanks Bill and John.

GF: Love the "Turd Polishing" comment too. Give your brother a high five.

Man, I hooted when I saw that.


Dr. Bob:

I feel a bit (but only a small bit) sorry for Mr. Gibbs, he had the impossible job of attempting to provide a passionate defense of the totally indefensable while also attempting to provide some appearance of credibility to a totally incredible administration.

Alas, he didn't fool anyone except the press, which already was in full Obamagasm.

Tom Wms.:

What amazed me is that Gibbs kept a straight face. I have to give him credit – he is a talented illusionist. He managed to create the illusion that he knew what he was doing and believed what he was saying. What's next, his memoirs?

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