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It seems the President is acknowledging the Constitution to the letter while submarining substantial public opinion.

And I'm willing to bet Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf is enjoying the hell out of this.


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Wonder what his political numbers in New York look like now.

Dr. Bob:

Actually, to me it appears the PO is picking and choosing which parts of the Constitution he wishes to shred and which parts he supports.

It's not being tone deaf - it's that he's arrogant and doesn't care.


Dr. Bob nailed it. It's selective hearing, not deafness. I've never seen anybody work with such devotion & determination to keep a monkey on his back.

Tom Wms.:

Hey John, if you removed the "Cordoba House" hat and replaced it with horns, you would have the Devil. But then, what's the difference?


If you removed the "Cordoba House" label and replaced it with "Mohamed", you could have a fatwa.

I'm ready for Sharia Law. It's time to put Nancy Pelosi in her proper place.


With the U.S. gubmint putting the Imam on its payroll as some sort of "Islamic Outreach Ambassador" & funding the building of mosques (& that dipstick NJ judge who recognized Sharia Law), I have a question.

Why aren't Lefties crying about this mess being a "violation of the separation of church & state"?

I guess it's kind of hard for Lefties to stand on their principles when there's a good chance they'll be beheaded or blown to smithereens.



Are you writing for Beck and Limbaugh? Today, in the last 10 minutes of Limbaugh, this very point was raised. Right before your last last screed, Beck was on point with you 2 days after on at least 3 different subjects. What gives?

Tom Wms.:

Anon-They are probably reading johncoxart.com.


Yeah, What He (TOM WMS.) Said.

I've seen two or three editorials that were written counter to points made on these boards that were just too far over & above the mainstream for them to have gotten the ideas anywhere else (these were writers that weren't bright enough to come up with those ideas by themselves, either--YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

Beck & Limbaugh? Coincidences, no doubt (probably). ( :

Thanks, but I'm not a pro writer (at least not for public consumption). I wouldn't mind, though. Projects in the works, ideas stored away.

I like posting here because there isn't a "Confederacy of Dunces" clogging up the boards as on most blogs--but this isn't Terwiliger.Com.

They can either post or contact John if they want me (I'm not holding my breath).

john cox:


You're writing, at its best, has a brisk quality that entertains. Glad you're comfortable here.


Thanks, John.

This is a fun web site. It's nice to have a host & a small community of regulars who, for the most part, are sagacious & pretty much simpatico--& it's nice when dissenters mix things up a bit.

With "T's screed era" over, it's time to "Let it Roll" & put some bigger ideas out there. I used to say that I was "trying to get everything wrapped up so I could do my own thing"--but your newest Book Cover prompted a thought that really smacked me between the eyes.

"Don't try." ( :


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