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Say What?



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How the mighty have fallen. Reduced to panhandling on the streets!

Dr. Bob:

Well, I visited the White House and shook hands with President Obama and now my doctor says I need to wear this to avoid spreading it.


No need to dial 9-1-1 pal. I can take a hint.


Sure Rube.....er folks. Gather around and let Dad take a picture of you with the president. Only $20.


"Coffee Party at Starbucks in 5 minutes."


"... & that's why Glenn Beck is the Worstest Person in the World. On a side note, I can't figure out why my viewership is down to 4 pimply-faced misfits hanging out behind a mall dumpster."


Hey, kid, I know this avant-garde performance art may be way over your head, but will you show a little respect and put away the cell phone?


...and then I lost my job as a super secret clandestine agent (one of the most disgust..I mean dangerous men in the world) 'cause the POTUS said we don't need secret agents anymore. We could all just sing Kumbaya instead...how 'bout a quarter for that pencil?

Tom Wms.:

All right, kids. Quit clowning around and give me back my phone!


"It's true Dude! Chelsea and I had a 'thing' going, but her Daddy wasn't buying it. Something about one clown in the family was enough. Now on the other hand, ol' Pantsuit was definitely giving me the eye. If you follow."

Ed B:

I was THIS close to getting a contract with Disney - then they counted my fingers...

john cox:


Fat chortle on that one.


I can't even picture the Flinch Meister with Chelsea.


There's a reason you can't picture them together. Have you ever noticed that Chelsea and Flinchy are never in the same place at the same time? Don't you think they bear more than a passing resemblance to each other?


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