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WoW! The Flinch Monster becomes the spokesman for Judith Guest. He definitely knows about Depression! Love the pen in the pocket and the false smile. Like This! Must have had to shower him off quite a bit to stage this scene.

john cox:

Hey Cowboy

Yeah...he was getting bored with bounty hunting in Uzbekistan.


"If depression is creeping up and must be faced, learn something about the nature of the beast: You may escape without a mauling." - Dr. R. W. Shepherd


It takes 26 muscles to smile, slightly more to frown, but only 3 for proper trigger squeeze!

Tom Wms.:

Behind every smile, there's a clown.



That may be true, but when you take breathing control & sight alignment into consideration, it takes considerably more muscles to put a round on target.


I just "discovered" (they're all new to me) a bunch of variants that are pretty much built around a 6.5mm (or pretty darned close) bullet.

An M14 with a .25 Souper barrel rocked my world (although I wish there was a standard semi-auto action that chambered 6.5x55 Swedish).


Yeah, the 6.5 appears to be a 'comer'. Dig into the history and everything seems to go back to the 'pig' board and 'goat' board and the .276 Pedersen.

Dr. Bob:

I think that guy in the toon sits in the third cubicle south of mine.



I think the Swedes had one up on the "boards". They started using 6.5x55 in 1898--30 years before the "pig" board--& kept it in "service" for a long time after.

I guess it's easy to remain neutral when every male who can shoot & isn't nuts is required to own & maintain an accurate long-range rifle (& they were designed for super long range grid fire as well).

Two things about the Swedes I don't understand: (1) Their [increasingly] Draconian gun laws; & (2) Their insistence on using sabots in sniper rifles.

The way our gubmint has politicized "conflict" & reduced our military (not counting the square miles of aircraft abandoned in Southwestern deserts) to almost threadbare, Europe better not be counting on us to bail them out the next time around.


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