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Liquor label Illustration Idea



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There ought to be a warning on the label that discloses how much of the total purchase price goes into the Kennedy family trust.


"Hate losing arguments with yourself? Try Vicious Circle!"

"Think of it as resume in a bottle!"

"One sip, and you'll know why!"

"Drop anchor and up-cork!"


Should be the name for a tequila. Known many a person who would agree with that.

Being a consumer and admirer of fine single malts myself, no proud Scott would ever name his crafted product a name like that. They spell it "Whisky" without the "e"; so you need to redo the label. Only Americans spell their corn product Whiskey".

I'm such a snob...LOL

john cox:

Hey Cowboy

I actually enjoy fine scotch. I just got a kick out such a weird approach to a liquor label.


This may be stereotyping & racist racial profiling, but the way the character is rendered on the bottle makes me think of Kamikaze pilots from old WWII movies.

Maybe John could do a double-jointed venture with a saké brewer as well.


T is right! You're a racist MF. John! Close the site down! LOL.


John could rebrand the saké Death Roll with a little fugu liver at the bottom of the bottle.

Sart shaker, rick a rime...pararysis!


Back in the mid-eighties, I once came across a woman's perfume called "Ninja". I thought, "Gee - nice. When are they they going to come out with a scent called 'Special Forces Sniper' ('they'll never know what hit 'em')?"


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