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PHASE 2....establishing a focal point


I layed the beginning layers and skin tones for the face with thin washes. I like to do this early to establish a focal point as well as add subtle layers to the "weathering" process.

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Wow! Suddenly, it's celestial and I see her inhaling the stars into her being. I like it.

Looking forward to more of the Painter at Work. Thanks, John! :)


I'm a bit wary of showing undeveloped paintings. They look like they're going one way and then it ricochets into something else. Meanwhile, it looks kind of amateurish and...what's the word....ugly. All I can say is IT AIN"T GONNA LOOK LIKE THIS WHEN I'M DONE.

GREAT example, since this is in progress.

You are using the blemishes in the stone to define the flaws in your subject, and it's just. . .

I like it.

Not an artist guy but I can see things, that I like, which I think is what artists should do. Like I love This which I think is art, because, it's simple, but it evokes a very simple emotion for anyone who grew up in the age of mel blanc (25-60, the man was that influential)

Sorry, been drinking and rambling.

"Silence" is art, as simple and rehashed as the characters are, the expression was brilliant.

Piss Christ is an offense.

BTW, you don't have to type the whole wickedpinto, you can just say wicked, or wick, or pinto.

I'm not used to full names.


I'm already getting a 2001 vibe.


So the warm color in the background came from the washes...right? But all of a sudden we have a figure???



Defining "ART" is like herding squids. It's best to discuss particular attempts at pesonal expression that to spend any time on the THE WHOLE SQUISHY CONCEPT.


As the painting progresses, new elments are introduced. It's just a question of proper sequence.


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