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Announcing a New Catergory


For those interested in keeping track of the developmental stages of my new paintings, click on PAINTER AT WORK under the "catergories" side bar. I'll try to shoot and post photos regularly as the finished paintings emerge.

I've just moved to a very functional art space where I'll be producing as much new, BIGGER work as I possibly can.

Watch out...this may get messy.

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Tom Wms.:

Hey John,

The cover for this category is great. Maybe you should sell numbered prints.


Bound to be MUCH more interesting than Writer At Work!


Great new addition! I look forward to follow the progress of your paintings.

Where is your new studio located?

All the Best,

P.S. Vans sneakers?


Yes, I wear Vans these days. I'm going through my Spicolli Phase.

My painting studio in Decatur, just a few minutes from my apartment.


Thanks for the kind word. It could make a neat t-shirt, but for now it's just a way to get the word out on the site.

Steve M:

John-GREAT idea to post the stages!

It's also fitting and humorous that your "Painter at Work" image is...doing nothing.

(SEEMINGLY doing nothing I should say)

ha ha ha


I'm thinkin'! I'M THINKIN'!

Is there a cornier photo than the one where THE ARTIST is in mid brushstroke, adding a dash of color that is UTTERLY BRILLIANT!!

The photo captures my feverish efforts trying to answer the ever-elusive question that has plagued painters for centuries: Where am I going to eat tonight?


Nice chair too! :o)


Definitely a great idea for increasing traffic.

I've seen a few sites where somebody did that with one painting...but to expand the idea to where you catalog the development of all of your work from this point forward? That could be genius.

I see huge potential for artist supply ads & associated peripheral markets (anything & everything for folks ranging from students, to art schools, to the wine-&-cheese set).

It should also be easy to work the idea into a "work in progress" mini-documentary to be included with each of your works.

Be prepared for a huge jump in bandwidth consumption as the category expands.

You may also want to consider a stand-alone site for that idea...I expect that a lot of folks who would be attracted to that idea might be put off by the Conservative/Neo-Libertarian slant to a lot of what goes on here.


Thanks for kind word. I happen to agree with your assessment. I'd like to see what happens when art enthusiasts get a regular dose of "nuts and bolts" painting techniques.

I like to think it will cause a jump in traffic, but seeing is believing.

As far as "Painter at Work" conflicting with my cartoonwork, I think that is the nature of this site. I prefer for my creative efforts to be seen as multi-faceted and a bit unconventional. I'd like to maintain a "gumbo" effect where the ingredients are readily recognizable but they still make intriguing combinations.


"Gumbo" Cox. Has a nice ring to it!


Why does that sound dirty?


Hee hee, nothing dirty there. Kinda 'artsy' but at the same time "from the people".

Tom Wms.:

John,re: Numbered Print vs. T-Shirt. You know me. A numbered print would look a lot better on my wall than a T-Shirt would look on me. Now if you had a designer man-bra, I could pull it off.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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