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Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich


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Tom Wms.:

In this case, Dove or Dial won't work. Hell, even Irish Spring couldn't make his mouth fresh! What he needs is a good rinse with Lava.


Hahahahahahaha!! Priceless!


Lava's getting there, but a big fat bar of Octagon soap would do a much better job--& that's what it looks like John put in the 'toon.


...or, with this being the Christmas season, maybe a nice red bar of Lifebuoy.


Varsol or muriatic acid. We'll probably have to snake him out before it's all said and done.


Once his mouths all clean, he'll probably sing like a Canary.


Him? Clean? Never. Wash manure all you want - it's still manure. Best he can hope for is being a remnant.


F**king A!

Heard a radio commentator here compare Blago to Gollum, salivating over his "precious" golden parachute. Somehow, that made me think of you. Hope all is well!


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