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Interactive CD Idea....



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2nd Incinerator Stark's mind was in warp drive, sensitive to all that was going on around him. During his enforced "hiatus" from the Galactic Police Force for his last screw-up....hell no one told him it was LOADED...he thought he'd pass the time on Xankha and track down his family roots. It didn't take long for him fall into the fact that there wasn't much if anything on this planet that was what you might call 'honest work'. Matter of fact, his early history class kept coming back to mind, something about an earth city called Chicago during a period known as "The Roaring Twenties". Stark mentally cursed the 'civvies' that he was forced to wear during his 'leave'. They didn't do much to conceal the Mark IV Carbonizer. The damn thing wasn't designed for concealment and more than one of the local 'ladies' had stroked his thigh and calling him 'big boy'. If they'd only known! But enough of this. He had the address and was nearing what family members said was 'the old homestead'.


Nice start!


On the side
Just so you know...I'm thinking...working on a couple of ideas that haven't quite foamed to the top yet....think I'm going to break out the single malt.


Hmmmmm......the house did look familiar, if 'familiar' could describe what was basically a parabolic roof/solar collector over a 3 foot pile of sun-blasted Xankha dirt that passed for brick. Stark's reverie was interrupted by an elderly man who stopped and was staring at him. "Stark? Jason Stark?" the old man croaked. "Is that you?"

Stark looked at the old guy with a puzzled expression. "Do I know you?". "Know me, of course you know me, I just about raised you."

Stark merely grunted and replied "Sorry old man, don't recall you at all."
The elderly gent didn't appear to be fazed by this at all. "Quite understandable, given the surroundings in which you were raised. Quite understandable. Painful memories and all that."

Stark was being to be intrigued. "Ah, I think you got the wrong guy Pops." "No, no, not at all. Jason Stark, I'd recognize you anywhere. I suppose being raised in a whore house is not the best venue in which to raise a child."


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