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How To Draw President-Elect Obama


Impress your friends!..Bore your enemies! Here's six easy steps to create an Obama caricature:

1. Start with a deflated balloon shape. Chin is pointy.

2. Towards the top, plant two Shrek-like ears. BIG IS GOOD.
Create a quick hairline.
Scrub in a UNI-BROW. Pensive and extra thick.

3. A WIIIIIIIIDE nose. Nostrils should flare as if he smells a photo-op.

4. Emphasize the space between the bottom of the nose the top of his luxuriant Pan-
Asian lips. They have a femine quality because of the distinct, angular shape of
top lip. Bottom is very prominent. Frowning makes him A THINKER.

5. Add smile (frown?) lines. Ravine-like, past the corners of the mouth.

6. Ink and shade accordingly.


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Better watch it John. Those Obamites are about as touchy as Muslims when it comes to caricature's of The Chosen One. Wouldn't want to hear that you'd been put on some death list or your house torched.


...Or one of those alien figures from the Zucar System that you draw all the time. Which ever.

First G.W. Bush and now B.H. Obama. Who's next?



Love the Shrek ears. I'd like to see you capture the "vacuous eyes pretending really hard to be pensive" thing. How about hypnotizing "pinwheel eyes"?


I just had a flashback to Chevy Chase on SNL "reporting" on George Wallace.


I'm hoping for Al Franken in a leather helmet.


Franken would fit an tin foil helmet better.

Doc Al:

There used to be a magazine when I was younger (probably late '60's - early '70's) that gave step-by-step instructions on how to draw cartoon figures, starting with simple shapes and adding other shapes one at a time - just like this. I remember drawing Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Felix the Cat, Donald Duck, and others. I don't recall the politician edition, though (Nixon? Uncle Teddy?).

Tom Wms.:

This is beautiful. I have some freinds who will come completely un-glued when I share it. Thanks for the inspiration.



I was thinking of Franken as "Special Ed". A tin foil helmet in that same style would certainly add dimension.

I also imagine him gleefully huffing the fumes of his own soiled diaper.

Fantastic John, lets try to have some Obamites angry with this 6 steps ;)

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