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Book Cover Idea


Again, playing with the idea of illustrating some of the books that had a substantial effect on my "world view". Not necessarily my favorite Heinlein book, but it was the one that turned me into a huge fan. Totally knocked me out.

Just started "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" today.

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My first Heinlein novel was "Starship Troopers". Made a clumsy sci-fi movie of it in 1997 that missed salient points of the book.


I finished that one a few weeks ago and you're absolutely right. The movie had as much to do with Heinlein's novel as a Tonka toy has with NASCAR.

The book is ingeniusly pro-freedom and how an honorable military can and should protect it.

Lots of wonderful lessons in there.




That was embarrassing. Thanks


Not if the lead character was named Stanger. :o)


No problem. If I was paid by the typo & the careless oversight, I'd be richer than Warren Gates. ( :


The Moon is a fantastic book, tovarishch.

BTW - I set aside a collection of Phil K. Dick's short stories...if you'd like to borrow it, let me know.



I read Troopers when I was 14 after my mom introduced me to Tunnel in the Sky, shortly after Heinlein died. I already had the idea that a military career would be a good idea, Troopers cemented the idea. And yes, the movie(s! yeah, they made a sequel) was a travesty compared to the book.

Strangers was definitely an eye-opener for my young, skull-full-of-mush.

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