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Greetings From LAMPHOOON!


Fresh from his sold-out tour in the Gamma Region of Beldazaar System L-14, Phaeto took out time to say "KLEEXZOOP" to all his froogers back on Mirandathox.

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Jonathan Hohensee:

Phaeto sold out ever since he signed with Glaxaraxa Records.

Selling his music for Gleezex commercials was the last straw...I don't know why you would dedicate any time to the sell out, John.

Hey Jonathan

I still play Phaeto's holograms from his early Jawa period. Granted, his phoomlar needs to be reactivated and seems a bit stale, but don't blame a frooger just because he wants to make some serious Zone Credits.

Jonathan Hohensee:

In my part of the galaxy, we have a word for people like you; fettlblax.


Given Phaeto's on-going feud with Galprix over who originally wrote the lyrics to Frexpod, I'm surprised he's even showing his face in this part of the galaxy. Yeah, he's hot stuff over in the Gamma Region of Beldazaar System L-14, but he better hope his photon suit has been upgraded to Status 6 if Galprix finds he's back.

It was all good at the phelodrome in the caltrax system. We were enjoying a couple of cold jinnand'onyx and exploring other states of mind when the absolutly last person we wanted to trinalix us showed up and quilked, "The Dark Side this is!" Zraptox! It was his semifather:


His dad, Yoda.


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