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Say What?


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This recipe came from Amy Goodman.

"Sorry, my sisters. I couldn't get eye of Newt, so I substituted head of Bush."


Sorry sisters, but the Wicked Witch of the West couldn't send us fresh Dorthy for dinner so she sent us this instead


"Too bad we had to start cooking without her, Hillary said she would be late."


Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison'd entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i' the charmed pot.

When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
When the Iraqi War is done,
When the battle's lost and won.
That will be ere the set of sun.

Where the place?
There to meet with MacBush.
Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

MacBush! MacBush! MacBush! beware the Press;
Beware the thane of Chicago. Dismiss me. Yes.


"Hmmm, we cook him now and we'll have nothing to feast on in '09."


I try to avoid using expletives for exclamations, but this 'toon warrants one:

"Dammit Endora...after our last fiasco, we agreed that we wouldn't buy any more remaindered incantation books."


I like SNOWDOG's...how about a play off of that one:

"Eye of Newt, head of George, & brain of Bill, no problem...but when we add the ear of Barack & the thigh of Hillary, we're going to need a bigger pot."


"We tried to make Aquacotta con Ted Kennedy, but he jumped out of the pot, put on a neck brace, & ran into the woods over 4 hours ago."

Tom Wms.:

Bubble, bubble, oil is trouble...

Tom Wms.:

Just think, Mr. President - Next year, somebody else will be in the "soup".


"This year's cream of idiot is gonna be crazy mack stupid."

By the pricking of my thumb...


You'd think he'd be used to being in hot water by now.


"We'd like to thank you for being the special dinner guest at this year's NOW summit."

Ever notice that the initials for NOW could just as easily be 'NO Dubya'?


The "Hillary for President" book club prepares brunch for its monthly meeting.


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