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Story Idea


This is an early attempt at telling a science fiction tale about an intergalactic census taker. A protege discovers his mentor is utterly lost among the vast star systems and the only clues to his whereabouts are these sketches and notations from a book found at his last known location.

The tiny scraps of writing are his personal notes on the flora and fauna of his last assignment.

The whole book is a compendium of the census taker's interplanetary missions.

Comments (4)

Good Gawd, man! Do this!

I absolutely think it's the most original and brilliant thing I've seen in a while.


REALLY? You're reaction was inspiring! I think I can get to it pretty soon.


Fascinating! I'd love to read over his observations on the flora and fauna in the ice regions of Tul.


Too bad George Lucas didn't have you when he was doing the bar scene of Star Wars (or any of his other non-humans, for that matter).


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