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Devon Strikes Again


I'm not absolutely sure what's going on here, but I'm guessing it has to do with world domination.

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I think that's a pretty safe guess. :o)

Boy, the manic rage of Mr. Machete sure comes through.


Is it my imagination, or is Devon shooting a donkey?

Man, he just keeps getting better...


That's definitely him up in the sky. He might be armed with a Nerf shooter. The creature on the road? I've got to call him up and ask.


I hope that's a Pokemon.


That's 9/11 in the background right?


Hey! I created the same thing in grade school in the 50’s and 60’s, only with aircraft carriers and Jap zeros! Is that indicative that there may be a career change in store for me in the near future?

PS. Can you still stay Jap zero? It is in MS Word’s spell checker!

hmmmm. Looks like he's shooting an Alien Posleen invader. I know he's a kid, but is he reading John Ringo's "A Hymm before Battle"?

(the publisher has posted the entire 1st book of the series online)


I particularly like how he's proclaiming to the world that he's "The Man."

Too cool for school, man. Too cool for school.


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