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Promo Piece


This was a promo piece I did a couple of years back...

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Sexy. Is she holding a large bowl?

Now I can call you up and we can talk about old times. :)


That's an OLD number. Who knows who'd pick up.

Yes....that's a bowl.


Darn, those curves are seductive. I like how the bowl gives the piece a horizontal line to balance the vertical of the body.


There's a bowl? :o)

Ah, the long talks that could have been, John. just kidding. :) I'm glad that's not your current number.

Yeah, the bowl is interesting and also gives an excuse for her seductive posture. I also like the way of her hair, and not just because it exposes her back.

I think we share a common love of simple, subtle beauty. Great job, John.


Is it a Mermaid and you guys know that and are kidding it's a bowl?

Or is it really a bowl?

I think Baseballfan deserves a few rubber chickens for that comment. :)



give me a wall to bang my head on

unfamiliarity with the board, i would think (albeit sheepishly)


Actually, I can see a mermaids tale! :o) Good eye baseballfan!

I see it, too; that's what made it funny for me. It was both surprising and true, with a touch of cleverness, which makes for good comedy.

Also, the way Baseballfan said it, as though we were conspiring to avoid saying it was her mermaid tail versus the more pedestrian bowl gave me a good laugh. It'd be neat if we could manage such a subtle conspiracy here.

Please don't feel bad, Baseballfan -- I really enjoyed your comment. We (or John) give out rubber chickens to entries we really like and find humorous. 3 rubber chickens is Steve Martin funny (giggle), and the scale tops out at 4.


thank you thank you :o)

now i need to go make some space on my top shelf for the rubber chickens

and, catch a Steve Martin movie

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