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Personal Note on Commenting Here....

I've been doing a little catch-up reading on the "Kept Secrets" thread. YOWZA!

I'll simply (yet emphatically) suggest this: Keep them interestesting, brief and without malice. I'm more likely to respond and keep the conversation going. Big, giant thread comments confuse me. Let's remember this is a cocktail party and not a college debate.


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No problem here.

I "spread out" on that particular thread because I thought the discussion warranted it (& from the initial feedback, I thought I was on the right track).

I was going primarily for SAGACITY...I certainly was not going for overbearing, malicious, or even a debate for that matter.

My sincere apologies for my contributions to the thread that departed from your vision of how things should be here...it won't happen again.

Jeez, I just thought it was a really cool painting, not a visual riddle begging a solution. People can take away from the experience whatever they wish. And one person's take-away is no better or worse than anyone elses.


Thanks, T. Just trying to keep things light.





Good observation regarding impressions/interpretations. That was essentially the initial point of that thread.



Change that to...

...that was essentially the point of the portion of that thread involving my contribution to it.


Just a thought, my humble opinion: using a lot of block letters and italics makes the comment seem agressive and bothered, regardless of the writer's intentions. A good rule of thumb would be to keep the number of formated word sequences (note: an italized sentence is also oneword sequence) to below 1 per five to ten sentences.

Anyway, yay and hurray to keeping things short and light. :)



Point taken.

Here's what I was going for:

My reason for using such emphasis was to give plain text more inflection...to take advantage of available tools to animate the language...to make things a little more conversational.

I would have thought that words & ideas would be what people focused on...

...but I'm flexible.

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