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Sketch Book


I like to take out my sketch book when I'm dining alone at a restaurant. I did this page waiting for Kung Pao at Noodles....

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Being an artist, I'd have supposed that those were your diner guests. :o)

How was the Kung Po? Prefer the Tangerine Beef myself.


A tad spicy. Bit into one of those chinese peppers. Would not recommend it.

That guy looks like Catfish!

Tom Wms.:

You built like brick wall, master.


Nice posture on that Viking chap. I guess he was he bit into a chinese pepper too and was fighting the urge to regurgitate it...

And yikes, scary waitress! ;)


Father not allow me on dinner date with John Cox unless with personal body guard.


The viking looks like Ogier the Dane (or Holger Danske in Danish) that sits in the catacombs at Kronborg castle - home of Hamlet. He's supposed to wake up and save Denmark if subjected to mortal danger...

Spot on apart from that Holger has a sword and a shield to sport as well. Maybe this is Ole Danske, Holger's unknown brother?

That's just a sketch? Dang. What are the chances of you illustrating some of my short stories when they get published?


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