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Say What?


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"I told you security would be LAME."

Jonathan Hohensee:

Truant-bot works for US now.


So, is your robot male or female?


"Dude, you went a little overboard...the biggest prize here is 4 rubber chickens."

Sorry, thought I had him house-trained.


"Of course I made him anatomically correct. How else do think it can be charged up?”


"For the right money I can make a girl robot too."


Good mileage and only five months away from being completely obsolete.

"Susie's checkin' out your bot. Oh, yeah, we are totally going to dominate this dance contest."


"Don't strain yourself Poindexter...all it is is a cat washing machine surrounded by a bunch of spare parts & a lot of bondo work."


"That's Bill Gates' answer to the new iMac. He's not even trying to pretend that a PC is as good any more...he calls the new system Search & Destroy with Extreme Prejudice. You don't want to be anywhere near that when the system crashes...even IT gets p%#$ed off."

Tom Wms.:

Looks like the Hulk Hogan Transformer doll to me.


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