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Meanwhile, outside Throon Headquarters...

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Jonathan Logon:

The Pythonian Prince Knottaconda 903 looked into steely eyes of his GRonomORE inquisitor with a profound sense of metal fatigue. His love affair with all things Throon had lasted nearly 0.68 seconds, an eternity for an android; fortunately, he wasn't...


That's suppose to be the EXTERIOR of a BUILDING. So much for my drawing skill...*sigh*....


And here I thought it was R2D2's sister. Kinda sexy!


John, it does look like a building, but not on first glance, possibly because the top of both figures are out of frame. Perhaps, if he was smaller in the frame, it would be more obvious. Or if you drew some sort of flying thing in front of the building.


Um... sir..? Remember how you told me to tell Gigor the Huge to "blow it out his ear"?

John: I wonder if all these SF drawings you're doing are going to lead to some type of graphic novel.

Jonathan Logon:

I kinda thought it WAS a building, but you mentioned the whole Douglas Adams "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" thing and could see a whole race of warriors wearing highly stylized battle shoes with matching helmets, sorta like what is in the picture. Besides, it does appear that they are "nose to helmet", little antennas and all...


I guess it was a question of scale....

Graphic novel? I don't have the discipline to plot out a whole cohesive story, but I sure can come up with characters. So, yeah, it's POSSIBLE these guys could appear in a decent story, but I ain't got one.


You could leave the scale the same and do the building a lot lighter than the figure in the foreground. This would make it like there was some atmosphere in between them.


Perhaps it is the fact the details on the building are in the same focus as the profile of the individual, that brings confusion. Slightly hazier background images always seem to add depth to a drawing to me. Of course as i get older everything gets hazier at a distance so it could just be my eyes.


In a building far, far away...

An injury had taken Keilar's right eye years ago, and the resultant lack of depth perception had proved to be a constant problem. He couldn't count the times Stark had stood between him and the HQ building and told him there had been an accident in the growth labs. What made it worse was that every single time, for just a fraction of a second, he believed him.

He hated Stark.

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