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Character Study


Third Circle, Freign Alstrol, spiritual avatar for the Prius 7 crew and close confidente of Devon Stark's. Known for her keen awareness and obsession with cribbage.

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Hm. Freign is a dead ringer for somebody else who came up with this cool contraption for learning to sing. Three microphone pick-ups with adjustments for different octaves that fed into enclosed head-phones and fed down into a throat wrap-around for vocal chord feedback. Okay, it zapped you if you sang the wrong tone. Little transceiver on the headphones allowed her to monitor dozens of students at once. The fact that she sported a popular BDSM tattoo made some people suspicious that her "feedback" zaps were a little... random. Still she could really get people to stop singing through their noses. Really, really.

Stark suspected she used a mind-fold to move the pegs when he wasn't looking, but he still hadn't caught her at it. Once, he had suggested they switch to euchre, but only three people at the outpost (including the two of them) knew how to play.

"Devon, will you hurry up and deal?"

Stark shook himself from his reverie and began counting out the cards. "Sorry, Freign. Got a little distracted."

"I know. Your waves are all over the place. And I don't move the pegs; you just can't count."

So, do you want this to be a text-heavy or image-heavy project? I can do either one.


I'm very visual oriented, so I'd like the storyline to be something that would be fun to draw.

Good writing will suffice...HOWEVER great writing is emotional and personal. Work it from there....

Short (nothing long-winded) and punchy (use only the most concise and visual words) is best. You can always fill in the gaps at the end.

Emotional, personal, short, punchy. Check, check, check and check. Fun to draw = fun to read, so that's a given. :-)


Hot! And a cribbage player as well! Life does not get any better! :o)


Cribbage happens to be one of my passions and I thought the game deserved to be a part of the goings on aboard Prius 7.

If I could find some cribbage players in Atlanta, I'd love to get a weekly thing happening in one of the Decatur bars.

Just how big is the Prius 7?


A little bit bigger than a Galaxy Class Cruiser, but smaller than a Zmyotyel bulk ore carrier.

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