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Say What?


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Snookums, why didn't you tell Daddy that Kitty doesn't like men?

He's all clean now. Uncle Denny gave him a bath.


I believe you left this in the mailbox!


"Your cat has been properly calibrated, that'll be $49.99, plus tax."


No, he wasn't "tutored", but your close!

Sean Horton:

Don't leave kitty sitting on Daddy's chair, honey.

"We're out of abyssinians, but how about a nice wittle tabby,"


This reminds me of a funny (& true) story.

When I was a kid, I worked in a pet store. People who had litters of kittens & didn't want to go through the hassle of finding homes for them would bring them to the shop.

One day when I went to work, the old rummy that ran the place told me that somebody had just brought in some kittens that had just been weaned...I can't tell you how much he looked like the character in this cartoon--he was scratched up, bloody, & even had holes in his shirt (the only thing missing from this toon is a smear of blood on the tip of his nose). "They're beautiful cats, but they look older than 6 or 7 weeks to me. Look at 'em & tell me what you think."

As a side note, the store owner was a rummy from an old money plutocrat family--he'd been born with a silver flask up his butt, & his family set him up with a piece what was once a major pet store chain. It was their way of appeasing the prodigal black sheep.

I on the other hand came from a semi-rural background. I wasn't from the sticks, but I spent enough time around farms & people who were from the sticks. I had been exposed to more things about nature & animals than most people had.

I broke into laughter when I saw those cats. I had seen it happen before; they were half bobcat (their mommy was a siamese)...somebody's sweet little kitty had been violated by a wild cat--at least 3 times. Maybe she liked it rough.

They were indeed beautiful cats; they were colored like a brown siamese, but they had faint bobcat markings. They were bigger than a domestic kitten the same age would be, & they were sinewy, had big ears, thicker heads, half tales, big paws, & those tell-tale "muttonchops". However, they had the most awful dispositions. I can't tell you how many people saw those cats & fell in love with them because of how beautiful they were...& bought them...& brought them back within a day or two.

People eventually quit bringing them back because--one by one--as soon as they got outside, they ran away.

I was "laid off" shortly thereafter because just about every time I looked at the boss I'd crack up laughing at him.

John McVey:

You see, sweety, this is what happens when an experiment gets out of control. Kitty eats just one of the Rats of NIMH from Daddy's secure lab and it snowballs from there.


"Yes, yes, he's adorable. Just take him."

"I wouldn't grab her there if I were you."

I like Sean Horton's. :)

In the weariest voice you can muster:

"Sorry, no refunds."


"She's really a sweet kitty. I was plastered in my office when some wise guy thought it would be funny to play 'laser pointer tag' with her on my Brooks Brothers suit."


"Actually, this one's a male. The wise guy that works in the back told me he had a foolproof method for how to tell the difference...just turn them belly up & thump them between the hind legs...apparently the males don't like that very much."

That boss really was an idiot...but that was a fun job, I tell you what...


Here's the cat you picked out from the window display. By the way, please excuse my appearance, but my wife was got into the spanish fly this morning.

Special Ed:

You've been using my ties to play with your kitty haven't you?


"He really is a nice kitty...I just got a slice from sbarro for lunch & brought it back here, & I got the oregano mixed up with catnip."

Maybe that'll teach you to cut out the three-martini appetizer.


"Yes, you're welcome to bring your kitty to Pet Smart...but please don't let him play in the budgie cage again."


Do you work at the Chinese restaurant?


Good one, Bert. It's as if the bad little kitty is about to pay the ultimate price for his impudence.

"You're from the Chinese restaurant? GOOD. Take this one."

Dark...twisted...Just plain WRONG...but funny.

Tom Wms.:

I think he's calm now.

Tom Wms.:

Beware of Cat Scratch Fever!

Tom Wms.:

Okay, Susie. Here are the rules for raising "Fuzzball".

1. Never give him a bath in the dishwasher.
2. Never put him in the drier.
3. Never use him as a fetch toy for the dog.
4. Never blow dry him.
5. Never, under any circumstances, sneak up on him while he is sleeping.
6. No cat nip at night. No cat nip in the morning. NO CAT NIP, PERIOD!!
7. Don't ever walk in the room and say, "Hi, Daddy. Catch!"

Tom Wms.:

A man walks into a vet's office carrying a cat.

The clerk says, "Can I help you?"

The cat says, Yeah, can you get this guy off my ass!"


"No thanks sweetheart.. It's your turn to play with kitty."


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