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Bedtime Stories Cover Illustration Idea

I'm interested in combining my three favorite fantasy genres into one whopper epic.

Or creating a punk band...

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Robot Zombie Monkeys from Outer Space??? Leave my in-laws outta this!


They came. They saw. They sequestered all the free carbon.

Then took over the planet.


It's gotta be fun inside your head!

John Cox:

Hey Yo

"Fun" like descending stairs, inexplicablely flipping over a handrail and landing on my feet.


I know that feeling -- very well.


I'm thinking along the same lines as G--basically a new "Oz" Stasi that can't fly, but doesn't have to--that's what the drones are for. Pleasant dreams.

John Cox:

Hey T

Nifty. Or...

They're a search crew looking for remnants of it's original mission members 500,00 years ago that mingled with the planets indigenous apelike creatures.

ROBOT...so they can be programmed.
ZOMBIE...lifeless but retain memories of lost culture
MONKEYS...they look like our DNA ancestors...hhmmmmm.....

Dr. Bob:

Sounds like it could be a blockbuster kids movie of the summer!


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