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Automotive Report Cover (May)


This my Escher-esque cover for Allen Forkum's auto industry monthly, "Automotive Report". We decided on a surreal approach once we recognized the main article didn't have it's own visual hook.

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Steve M:

Ahhhhh...nicely done. And the return of the taped paper!

John Cox:

Hey Steve

Thanks for the good word. You can imagine how it was dang near impossible coming up with a lively illustration based on DRY DRY DRY shop tips (one was how to collect and use extra spray paint that clings to the inside of the containers...JACKPOT!).

Once Allen was open to a non-literal approach, I just kind of let my mind wander.


And rendering masking tape is illustration GOLD.


I like it!


It's an Esch-er-Sketch.


Yo +1.

Dr. Bob:

Good thing there weren't 14 shop tips, don't know how you'd do a Esch-er- sketch using 14!

T -

That "Esch-er Sketch" was awful. So bad it was great!!!

John Cox:

Hey Dr Bob

Like a wise man once said, "To Escher own."


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