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Jonathan Winters (1925-2013)


Heaven just got funnier. Godspeed.

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Amen. Back when humor required thought and a passing knowledge of current events.

Now it's all 'edgy profanity', requiring no thought at all.


He was a great great comic! Cracked me up! On the day he died I heard a very disturbing story from "ABC Radio News" that actually said. "Comic Jonathon Winter's died today who was INTRODUCED to the American public as the Son of Mork and Mindi" I loved this man and I damn near wreaked my Truck when I hear that. What a horrible statement after such a long career. I'm still horrified by it.

John Cox:

Hey Cowboy

Anyone who heard that and swallowed it, wasn't a fan and never gave two thoughts to his tribute-filled career that blazed a comic trail starting in the early 60's.

Please don't waste any energy on defective talking heads.

Johnny Logan:

As I remember, it was Robin Williams who was first inspired by Jonathan Winters. I can think of many an evening watching The Jonathan Winters Show and laughing so hard that I actually had to leave the room to catch my breath.

His was a class act.

God Speed, Jonathan Winters.

Yo Menashe, Israel:

DITTO Johnny on the class act and the laughing. He always seemed like such a gentle soul.

Dr. Bob:

Delightful, classy and you'd never know what he'd come up with, but it was always hilarious.

Can you imagine Winters doing an improv as a cross between St. Peter manning the pearly gates and a DMV clerk? Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.


I can still recall Winters and Williams ad-libbing off each other a few times. I was unable to determine whether my sides or my brain would explode first.

Few people have ever had the speed of thought he possessed to do what he did.

Tom Wms.:

I have always put him at the top of the improv class ahead of Johnny Carson, Robin Williams, Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, and all the others.


You captured him well.


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