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Now I'd PAY to read that article!


DITTO GarandFan!

Steve M:

Looking very dapper John.


The article blurb sounds like something that might have been on the cover of Newsweek if you were a Democratic presidential candidate (& they hadn't been a Leftist propaganda rag).


I think it would go something like this. He would basically change the subject to anything else constantly, then start talking in Haiku about some place called Kirkwood. He would then start sporting about some car magazine! Fine! When he's had a few drinks though he's all spewing about some distressed clown with a big gun???..And then there is the obsession with the Alien thing...Not sure what happened there?? Did I mention he likes the big Boooo Haaaas sometimes.

John Cox:


Yeah, it would be weird. At least it wouldn't be some yawn-fest feel-good piece that's DOA after the first "He came out of nowhere" paragraph.

Probably rambling and twisty, but goofy in a sardonic way.

Doc Al:

How do I enter to win the place in Cornwall?


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