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American Civics Text Book


While working on another project, I wanted to utilize an illustration that didn't make the cut (wrong direction). Still, I thought it had potential.

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John Cox:

Yes, Doc, I know...I know.


Bill Rights Sale ...Going once ... going twice...Sold to the highest bidder .. Barack Obama for 5 cents! It's now yours to stomp all over as you please.

Tom Wms.:

I love this.


Heh! At first I thought it said "Bull of Sale".

Which would still be appropriate.

John Cox:

Hey Tom
Thanks for the nice word.


Nice. I really like this one. Cool the way it is--would be superbly cool if the C-note was a falconry hood instead of a blindfold.

John Cox:

Hey TR

Funny, I looked into that. Turns out that a falcon hood has a tufted feather top, and I didn't want the eagle to look like a Vegas performer.

Dr. Bob:

I like it, John.


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