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That is just wrong.

Funny as hell, but wrong.

Wish I had thought of it.


So that's how they make 'milk shakes'!

John Cox:

Hey Huggie

You should hear the ones that don't make the cut. Lawsy!

devon cox:

Oh, i get it the mooers and the Quakers.

Yo Menashe, Israel:

Thanks Devon, I didn't get it until you explained it.

John Cox:

Hey Devon

Yeah, but there is a rural sect call Shakers; that was the point. Neat pun on a pun.

Hey Yo
Shakers are an American religious sect that emphasize an agrarian, very simple technological way of life .

Dr. Bob:

Weird and funny.


Great pun!
The Shakers were a sect that did not believe in marriage or having children. Hence they did not last. But...their memory lingers on. The "Shaker Peg", a simple wooden peg designed for hanging things such as hats, clothes etc. was created by them. They designed and made some very high quality furniture. Also oval shaped wooden boxes.


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