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Define and Dandy


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Tom Wms.:

Aw Hell to the king!

Ed B:

He would be king. He would be pope. He would be King of the Popes!

John Cox:


That's pretty much what I had in mind. I didn't even know that skit existed. Very funny.

One added layer to my drawing: I put some banana republic warlord in there along with Pope and King.

Tom Wms.:

King Henry the VII, Pope Alexander IV (Borgias), and Idi Amin all in one.

Don't we feel blessed?


The ONE, The ONLY, The Obamassiah!

Amazing how far a con-artist can go now days.

Thanks to a compliant bunch of whores in the MSM and our wonderful education system.


Unpresidented transparency.

Dr. Bob:

"What part of the US Constitution don't you understand, your royal pain in the ass."


The list of what he DOES understand is much shorter.


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