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and now a word from Han Solo....


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It also helps if you're faster on the trigger than the other guy.


That's part of it. Ever hear of the Kehoe brothers?


Tom Wms.:

That was space talk for "Never bring a knife to a gun fight."

John Cox:

Hey Tom,
Poignant, brief and a bit whimsical. Nice contribution.

Ed B:

And make sure you shoot first, right Han?


I've just been watching the Star Trek series -- I think they're still really good movies and fun to watch.

Have a great weekend.


OMG! Han has an "assault weapon!"



The blaster was exempted from the assault weapons ban because: (1) It uses renewable ammo; (2) It was manufactured by a ChiCom campaign donor; & (3) You're permitted to own one if you've ever worn a Stormtrooper uniform.

Dr. Bob:


In short, because it's the Chicago way.

John Cox:

Hey T
Funny. Neat call back.


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