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Non Compost Mentis


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Works for me. And goes a long way in explaining our current situation........

Dr. Bob:

Ok, so somebody's been reading the new DSM-V?

Ed B:

I kinda get the mouse ears, but why is he talking into a Dalek sucker arm?



Maybe not. Now that "it" has passed & Democrats are finding out what's in "it," some [pretend they] want to repeal "it." Then there's the fiscal cliff mess: to think that Republicans were actually stupid enough to think THAT would end well...

... on the other topic:

Daddy was a one-percenter, a former partner at Ernst & Young (Lehman Bros. scandal?) & worked for GE ($0.00 income tax). Didn't Obamacare just extend coverage to "kids" under 26 on their parents' insurance? How could ANY child fall through the cracks--much less that one? Just sayin'--'cause the media won't.

Yo Menashe:

Great! ROFL

I didn't have any problem with this one at all John!



I didn't know Cornel West was in Congress.


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