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and now a word from Dan Rather...


I had more fun with this one than a proctologist at a Klan meeting.

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John Cox:

Katie, bar the door; the cows are riding Shetlands.


I'd never heard that old saying before Dan said it. What do you call it when you plagiarize something that doesn't exist? Oh yeah--it's a lie.

Can't imagine proctology being fun with healthy a__holes, much less a big stinking pile of in flamed, festering, rotting ones.Now--if you were a sadist posing as a proctologist at a Klan meeting, that's a whole new ballgame.

Your "second" comment reminded me of a Lewis Grizzard book--think I've mentioned it before (Shoot Low, Boys--They're Ridin' Shetland Ponies). Not his best work, but the cover makes me laugh.


So when is Dan's next expose coming out?

John Cox:

Hey T

Rather's actual quote is with the caricature.

I made up the other ones. I wanted to try my hand at nonsensical homilies that masquerade as down home wisdom. They're meant to be loony.


Hey John! Ya mean like:

"Slicker than fly snot!"?

"They's some genes missing from that boy's pool!"

T again:


Got it. When Uncle Dan made the quote that's in the 'toon, he prefaced it with something like, "There's an old saying that goes," or, "As the old saying goes," (the 'toon is more effective without the extraneous part of the quote).

My comment was directed at the full quote--"That old [and so obscure there's no record of it] saying." Maybe Uncle Dan had an old coot crick-hopping grandpappy who told crazy stories about taunting gators--and they only cost a nickel in the snow uphill both ways. Now the snow is melting so fast the gators are drowning, and the rich aren't paying their fair share to save the gators.

Sorry for not being superlatively pellucid.


It ain't fer a lack o' jeans. It's fer too many what's one side is much like t'other.


One Dan should have learned before the 30 year old Microsoft Word document...
When the horse is dead, Dismount!

Dr. Bob:

Don't squat with yer spurs on, Dan.

BTW, since you pulled that "fake but accurate"(tm) Nat'l Guard memo bull, you've been as welcome in my house as a herd of cockroaches.


I love Dr. Bob's Quote.. Congrats...can I use it?

Next --> one of my own referring to Dan's excellent reporting of the National Guard memo (I use this all the time).

"Kind of pooped in your own lunch pale on that one, didn't you Dan. Now it's time for lunch!"

Ed B:

Would that be the same alligator you've been feeding so he'd eat you last?


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