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T-Shirt Illustration Idea


I think there could be a provocative question on the back of the shirt, giving rise to the response on the front.

(back) Should we finally agree that balancing the national budget is job one?
(front graphic) WHY THE * NOT?

Other suggestions for questions on the back of the shirt?

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Dr. Bob:

Since taxation discourages an activity, why not tax poverty?

tsk tsk

Hey, it would probably work better than punishing success.


Can you sell me a dependable, basic rear-wheel-drive only vehicle with the only add-ons being a compressor & a radio--& at a reasonable price?


(back) I don’t believe in mathematics. - Albert Einstein
(front graphic) WHY THE * NOT?

(back) Got freedom?
(front graphic) WHY THE * NOT?

(back) Tax taxes, Dr. Bob!
(front graphic) WHY THE * NOT?

(back) WTF?
(front graphic) WHY THE * NOT?


"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." - Henry Ford

Tom Wms.:

Can we drill for our OWN oil?

To answer T's question: Yes I can-A '61 Studebaker.


No one could fix this economy!

We're Democrats, we're not responsible for anything!


Why say anything on the back? The front is groovy enough as-is.

John Cox:

Hey Dicentra

Thanks for the kind word.

I kinda like how the question posits a stand point, then the illustration punctuates it.

T again:


All the Studebakers I've seen in good running condition are well above what I consider reasonable. I dig 'em, though.

Tom Wms.:

T: I was just trying to find you a good rear wheel drive.


I'd buy one for each member of the family! Do it!

T one last time:

In answer to John's original question:

You can't balance something that doesn't exist. The last budget passed was for 2009. It was signed in May of that year (it was Bush's bloated proposal--which wasn't marked-up--plus half a trillion more). Funding has been by continuing resolutions & "special" appropriations for the past 3 years. Any House budget that can clear the Senate doesn't make it to the floor.

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